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Churches in Southwest Florida

Churches in Southwest Florida

WAY-FM’s List of Churches in Southwest Florida

For the most comprehensive database of churches in Southwest Florida, visit the WAY-FM Church Finder Page. Enter your current location, or address, and it will find the churches closest to you. Then click on the name of any church you see to get more information and visit their website! What a great tool! Thank you WAY-FM!

There are so many great churches in Southwest Florida. Explore these today!

Tune in to 89.5 or 100.5 FM to listen to our local WAY-FM Radio Station. You can also stream live online by visiting their website.


Do We Really Need a Church?

WAY-FM had a recent on-air discussion of whether it’s important to go to church or not… these days with the online broadcasts, is there really a need to go to a traditional in-person church service anymore? What do you think? Visit their website here to read what other people like you had to say!