Florida Duck

team stacey and the florida duck - why do we use a duck in our logo?

The Florida duck, also known as the Florida mottled duck or Florida mallard, is a unique subspecies found only on the east coast, west coast, and inland areas of peninsular Florida. Unlike most ducks that migrate each year, the Florida duck doesn’t migrate and spends its entire life within the state of Florida’s marshes, ponds, lakes, rivers, and canals.

Team Stacey shares several common characteristics of the Florida duck, and that’s why it’s our symbol.


Here are a few of the similarities:

  • Like the non-migratory Florida ducks that live in Southwest Florida; Team Stacey serves Southwest Florida home sellers and buyers all year around.
  • Much like the Florida duck’s birds-eye view of the area gives them an advantage when looking for the best place to build their nest; Team Stacey sees what’s going on in the local market and uses those insights to help you find the best place to live.
  • Like female Florida ducks move their ducklings to water within 24 to 48 hours of hatching; Team Stacey moves quickly to help waterfront home sellers and buyers.
  • Much like the local Florida ducks focus their whole lives in Florida; Team Stacey focuses on helping Southwest Florida home sellers and buyers.
  • Like the Florida ducks love of snails, mollusks, crayfish and fish, Team Stacey loves a good seafood dinner.
  • Most importantly, however, just like the Florida duck appears to be gliding smoothly across the water, while paddling quickly underneath; Team Stacey works hard behind the scenes to ensure your home sale or purchase goes smoothly.
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