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How to Downsize your Things Before Moving

How to Downsize your Things before Moving

Here are tips on how to downsize your things before moving Smart Real Estate advice by Stacey Glenn, Broker Associate at Royal Shell Real Estate

Congratulations! You’ve found a new home! But before you do anything else you’ll need to move from your old house to the new one… Moving is exciting but stressful at the same time. Looking at all the things you need to take with you will make you stop and think… How on earth will you manage to move with all the stuff in your house?

Allot time to de-clutter
You will have to invest time to de-clutter. Budget your time to at least 1-2 hours per area. Start with your bedroom, then move on to the other parts of the house like the living room and the kitchen. The worst part is the garage… you’ll need a more time for that.

Categorize items
Identify unwanted and wanted items. Separate items that you need to use everyday, items that are valuable and items that have no use to you anymore. Put them in large boxes, because you don’t want to pile up more boxes.

Get rid of unwanted items
Once you’re done digging through every room in your home… Sell unwanted items. You can do it online or put on a yard sale. Then you can just donate the items that didn’t sell. Don’t think about getting separation anxiety with your things. Remember, these are material things. If you have no use for it just get rid of it.

Wow… It is a great feeling to have narrowed things down right?

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