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Important People in Southwest Florida History

Veronica Shoemaker, Rayma C Page, Ben C Pratt and Michael G Rippe

Get to know some of the important people in Southwest Florida history who made a big difference in shaping our community. You may recognize their names on major roadways, or even on schools. Veronica Shoemaker, Rayma C Page, Ben C Pratt and Michael G Rippe are among the most common… do you know of more?

Michael G Rippe

Florida Department of Transportation District Director. His commitment to providing transportation improvements to Southwest Florida have touched the lives of residents and tourists. He made a difference to people who travel in Lee County. The Michael G. Rippe Parkway is one example of his many accomplishments, which clearly demonstrates the approach he used to mold our community.

Veronica Shoemaker

She grew up on street in Dunbar and went on to win a Fort Myers City Council seat in 1982. She was the first black member of the Fort Myers City Council and a well-known community activist. Her florist shop sat on the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard and Veronica Shoemaker Boulevard, the street the city named after her.

Rayma C Page

The first woman ever elected to the Lee County School Board. She was a dedicated educator who served our county as Chairman of the School Board for nine years. She also served on the President’s Council for Post-Secondary Education and was president of both the Florida School Board Association and the National School Board Association. Her dedication to educating our children was remarkable. Her accomplishments will always be remembered and carried out to the next generation.

Ben C Pratt

Lee County resident since 1969 and Director for the Division of Transportation and Public Works from 1972 to 1983. His mark on Lee County include vital roles in the development of projects such as the Southwest Florida Regional Airport, Summerlin Road, Daniels Parkway, College Parkway, Alico Road and Ben C. Pratt Six Mile Cypress Parkway.

Can you think of any other important people in Southwest Florida history that our roads and schools have been named after? If so, please email them to me and I’ll add them to the list!

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