Tim & Gayle’s Interview at the Closing Table

Tim & Gayle’s Interview at the Closing Table

Real Client Testimonial for Team Stacey, filmed on November 5, 2021.

I received a call from Tim while I was in Dallas at a real estate convention, and we scheduled a meeting for Friday, the day after I returned, a day before they left town for a week. I took my assistant and one of my team members who is a staging pro. Like most meetings with Sellers, I’m asked if there is anything they should do to get the house ready to go on the market. This can be a tricky question to answer! There are always things that can be done, depending on our budget, time constraints, and willingness to put in the work. Every situation is unique.

Tim and Gayle were completely open to my suggestions and agreed to remove their personal artwork and guitar memorabilia from the walls and leave us to  replace them with staging items which we furnished at our cost and delivered/arranged on our time. We had creative freedom and I handed it over to Traci Ames who by Sunday with a few thousand dollars inventory and about 10 hours of her time had it looking like a model home.

We priced the home at an asking amount of the highest comparable sale… as an identical model had been listed for $340,000 and closed for $355,000. So we stood on the shoulders of that sale and asked $355,000. The market is finicky and it’s critical that we price it right because if we go too high we become an “old maid” very quickly and could shoot ourselves in the foot.

By the following Thursday our professional photos were back and the listing was live.

The response was overwhelming – we had over 75 back-to-back showings which resulted in 38 offers. As you can imagine, it was an intense weekend fielding that many offers and the questions that came along with them. I spreadsheeted every offer, confirmed receipt to the agent, printed the contracts and on Sunday we met to review the BIG stack. Every single offer was reviewed, at a high level then once narrowed down, at a microscopic level. And they had a hard decision to make as they personally knew a few of the offerers.

The inspections went smoothly, and we even had a Meet & Greet between Buyer and Seller (which almost never happens!) where every nuance was explained in detail. The Buyer purchased the home completely furnished and turnkey. They loved everything about it! And the Seller prepared a detailed Owner’s Manual for the Buyer’s future reference.

You could not ask for a better outcome! $55,000 over asking price! We closed on November 8, 2021 for $410,000 cash.

Thank you Tim and Gayle for choosing me to help you. I’m excited for your next chapter!

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