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Maintenance Guide for Florida Homes

Maintenance Guide for Florida Homes

Florida homes are different than others across the nation and globe. They’re subject to intense sunlight year-round, and atmospheric saltwater… They don’t have basements or furnaces… Instead, they have a host of unique features you may have never heard of… like a lanai… or features you may have heard of but aren’t familiar with like a cage, barrel tile roof, pavers, solar heaters and shutters. I’ve created a handy maintenance guide for florida homes. This guide can be used as an annual check-list for your record-keeping. Or, use it as a tool when preparing your home to sell.

Maintaining Your Florida Home

Every month:

    • Clean or replace air conditioning filters
    • Clean or replace pool filter (test chemicals weekly)
    • Run water lines / flush toilets in areas not used regularly
    • Place a capful of vinegar into AC Condensation Line to prevent algae & keep lines clog-free

Every 3 Months:

    • Check exterior drainage conditions- ensure nothing is causing water to stand in puddles and that water is not draining toward home’s foundation from any source
    • Inspect and repair outdoor vents, screens and openings

Every 6 Months:

    • Trim back any tree limbs touching the roofline
    • Interior and exterior spraying to control insects and pests
    • Inspect and repair caulking in the following areas: 
      • Kitchen and bath wet areas
      • Flushing areas
      • Window and door seals
      • Around all penetrations
      • Vinyl, aluminum or wood siding
      • Stucco or mortar cracks
      • Interior settling or shrinkage sheetrock cracks
    • Lubricate garage door hinges with white lithium spray
    • Inspect and clean all weep holes (of windows) for water drainage
    • Clean glass windows and doors, inside and out
    • Inspect and service AC system
    • Inspect and adjust sprinkler systems

Once a Year:

    • Clean and repair gutters and splash deflectors
    • Pressure wash driveway and home exterior as needed
    • Professionally clean the dryer vent exhaust system
    • Inspect entryways for wood rot and repair as needed
    • Inspect roof and professionally clean or make repairs as needed
    • Inspect your garage door(s), rails and lock system; consider changing your garage door opener code as a security precaution
    • Inspect sliding doors and windows; replace slider tracks as needed
    • Remove and replace landscaping mulch

It is recommended that stucco homes in Florida be repainted every 5-7 years, depending on the color and sun exposure. Prior to repainting, it’s important to check with your HOA to ensure compliance with any Architectural Review Guidelines.

This guide is not meant to be an exhaustive list- there are many other “general” home maintenance items to be considered. However, this is useful for Florida-specific homes that are exposed to year-round sunlight and atmospheric saltwater. Since Hurricane Season runs June to November, consider performing the once-a-year items on December 1st.

This Maintenance Guide for Florida Homes was written by Real Estate Professional Stacey Glenn. For more smart advice or if you’re considering making a move in Southwest Florida, call Stacey at 239-823-1343.