Make the Sunshine State Your Home

Make the Sunshine State Your Home

Are you thinking of relocating to Florida permanently? Think no more!!! I’m going to do your homework for you and tell you why more than 850 people such as yourself, pack their bags and relocate to sunny Florida daily!!!

Now mind you, I can’t possibly list all the wonderful things about living in Florida.  I will touch on a few that should get you up from in front of your computer to packing your bags soon…

Imagine 300 average days per year of sunshine. That’s pretty amazing!!! Hence Florida being referred to as the “Sunshine State”.

Florida is widely known for its hot weather, sunny days and very mild winters. This has made it a welcome haven for retirees and for those from all over the country who want great weather year-round.

Florida is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Georgia, and Alabama. The “Sunshine State” offers more than 1,190 miles of coastline, with 825 miles of accessible beaches to enjoy. Wherever you are in Florida, you’re never more than 60 miles from the nearest body of salt water. The “Sunshine State” is the fishing and boating capital of the world. 

It is also an international tourist destination with year round world class golf and theme parks. 


Then you’ll love Florida. With more than 1,300 golf courses, there’s never a shortage of this popular sport. As if that’s not enough to show Florida’s love of golf, you’ll find the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Augustine, Florida.


The state is perhaps most famous for being the home of everybody’s favorite mouse!! That’s right, Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney World is made up of four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

There are two water parks, 27 themed hotels, nine non-themed hotels, numerous golf courses, a campsite and the Disney Springs outdoor shopping centre, among other leisure attractions. The iconic American theme park resort covers almost 25,000 acres of land. 

Don’t forget Busch Gardens, Sea World, Lego Land, and Islands of Adventure for those who like theme parks…but on a smaller scale. 

Pssst…a little secret…most offer discounts on admission/seasonal passes that are only available for Florida residents! Maybe it’s time to buy property in Florida right now!

Yes it’s true, Florida has one of the hottest real estate markets in the county…AND FOR GOOD REASON!!!


One of the main reasons Florida is expected to keep growing so fast is from the governor marketing the state as an ideal business location. The “Sunshine State” has a proactive, business-friendly government, attracting new high wage jobs for workers who can compete on a global scale. 

The economy is dynamic and diverse. Florida is home to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as dozens of global business headquarters. This is due to Florida having a government that is both pro business and pro development. 


Beaches in Florida have it all, as long as you know just where to look. (Watch these videos on the best beaches in Southwest Florida: Fort Myers / Sanibel / Captiva and Naples / Bonita Beaches)

Aside from the stunningly gorgeous sunsets, the best Gulf Coast beaches are said to have the softest sand, the clearest waters, the most fun nature trails and the best fishing. While the east coast of Florida has bigger ocean waves, cool attractions and mesmerizing sunrises, the west sits on a unique and rich body of water that lends itself to a variety of interests and activities all along the coast.

The best Gulf Coast beaches are the ones that suit your particular idea of paradise. It’s there, waiting for you to explore it.


Florida has no shortage of boats and fishing. From saltwater to freshwater, the “Sunshine State” can accommodate all your fishing and boating desires.

If it is sailing, yachting, air boating, or even kayaking that you’re into, then this is all the more reason for you to move here. You can go boating every day of the year, all you have to do is pick the day or days!!! If you enjoy these activities but don’t own a boat, don’t you worry. Florida is home to many marinas located through out the state and has plenty of boat rentals to offer you.

Florida’s 1,350 miles of saltwater coastline sports diverse fish habitats that support more well-managed fish species than you could probably catch in a lifetime. Anglers catch hundreds of brawny, beautiful and delicious species in teeming estuaries, off gorgeous beaches and in the deep blue oceans surrounding the Florida peninsula.

At least 7,700 freshwater lakes and 10,550 miles of rivers also serve up world-class freshwater fishing. It’s no wonder that more world-record fish are caught in Florida waters than anywhere else in the world.


Education is important to most people and moving to Florida with children makes this an even more important factor. Florida has more than 160 Colleges and Universities. If collegiate sports are your thing, make sure to embrace the rivalry between the University of Florida and Florida State University. 

If you just love sports, Florida is home to both professional and collegiate teams. There is definitely a team for everyone to route for. 

Since the state is so big, there are even multiple professional teams for multiple sports! 

If you are a hockey fan, the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning play for the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning were actually the winners of the Stanley Cup in 2020 and 2021!!!

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the state’s NFL teams. 

If you are more of a basketball fan, support the Miami Heat or Orlando Magic. 

Meanwhile, if you are a  baseball fanatic, you will be happy to know that the Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays play here.

If you love NASCAR, the Daytona 500 races at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. This 500-mile long motor race is well attended and held every year. 

It is safe to say that when you move to Florida, there will be no shortage of sports teams to watch and support. Florida is truly a sports fan’s paradise.


Yes really! It’s one of 7 states that do not collect individual income tax and its part of the Florida Constitution, so highly unlikely that this benefit will change in the foreseeable future. 

Can you imagine not having to pay individual income tax? That’s a huge draw for anyone moving to Florida. Once you become a Florida resident, you’ll be thankful for the tourists as they pay your share of the state taxes.


So there we have it – Florida has a lot more to offer than sun, sea and sand. 

From amazing culture and climate to the economy, architecture and property it’s a seriously attractive proposition for anyone who fancies living in a vibrant, forward-thinking state. There’s something for everyone here!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? All you have to do is pack, I’ll take care of finding you a new home. 

Give me a call and let me help make your relocation to Florida a smooth transition. 

Southwest Florida…it’s where I live and it’s what I love. 

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