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My 34 Favorite Things about Southwest Florida

My 34 Favorite Things about Southwest Florida

I can’t explain how happy I am to celebrate another year in my life. As I turn 34, I wanted to share with you my 34 favorite things about Southwest Florida.

1. Sunshine Year Round

2. Vacation and Retirement Mentality

3. You Can Wear Sperry Boat Shoes in Just About any Setting and Fit Right In

4. Having a Lanai (see sunrise photo)

5. Not Needing to Wear Socks

6. Love Boat Ice Cream

7. Everyone Wants to Come Visit

8. Boating

9. Salty Water

10. Palm Trees

11. Mediterranean Architecture

12. Convertibles

13. Being the Youngest in the Crowd 90% of the Time… Even at 34

14. My Parents as Snow Birds

15. Wearing Sandals Year Round

16. Sunday Country Drives to Check on the Cattle

17. Visiting the Stockyard and Feeling Like I’m Back Home

18. So Many Choices for Schools

19. Theme Parks

20. Direct Flights

21. Friendly People

22. True Friends

23. Diversity

24. Having So Many Unique Areas to Explore (and Sell Real Estate in!)

25. Shelling on Sanibel

26. Manatees, Dolphins and Turtles

27. Beach Sunsets

28. Orange Groves

29. Interior Design of Beach-Luxe Style with Distressed White Wood

30. Day trips to Sanibel Island

31. Living 5 minutes to Bunche Beach… Impromptu Beach Visits

32. Edison & Ford Winter Estates

33. Finding my niche in Real Estate

34. And finally, the BEST Reason… This is Where my Fiancé was Born and Raised! And Where All his Family Lives.😊

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