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Top 5 Home Organization Tips

Top 5 Home Organization Tips

These are Top 5 Home Organization Tips. Smart Real Estate advice by Stacey Glenn, Broker Associate at Royal Shell Real Estate

Label your containers. You can also use transparent containers so you can see through what’s inside. This is to avoid going through every container if you’re looking for something.

Color Coding
Color code each household member’s stuff. Like towels, toothbrush, slippers. I know it’s impossible to color code everything. Just do it for things that are used inside your home. This will help you sort. It will also be a good idea to use separate laundry bins for each member of the household.

Remember the tip I gave you on “tips on how to downsize your things before moving”? — Categorize your stuff from things unwanted, valuable, and for everyday use. Get rid of old clothes you haven’t worn for more than 2 years. Dispose of old makeup.

Utilize Space
Use the space under your bed. You can put your shoe organizer under the bed. Use zipper bags in the fridge, label food by date and stack them horizontally. Utilize furniture’s interior storage spaces. Add shelves to the  sides of dressers.

Identify Clutter-Prone Areas
Find time to clean these areas every day to keep them from piling up. These areas usually would be the kitchen, the bathroom, your closet.

Try these helpful tips that will surely lessen your life’s worries.

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